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Calling for Unity

My work reflects my deep connection with my heritage, nature, and the divine source. 


Before I start a creative process, I channel the higher realms and allow the theme of my artworks to emerge intuitively.


I consider each of them as a message from the Universe.

Below is a selection of my handmade digital drawings and paintings.

All of my artworks displayed on my page are available to buy in limited edition prints.


For more artworks, please visit my Instagram page.

Calling for Unity-Agnes Gomori

Searching for lost love

Searching for lost love-Agnes Gomori.jpg

We want peace

We want peace - Agnes Gomori.jpg

Shielding from unwanted energies

Shielding from unwanted energies - Agnes Gomori.jpg

The Initiation of the Circus Director

Agnes Gomori-The initiation of the new circus director

The widow is ready to date again

The widow is ready to date again-Agnes Gomori

Luna regrets her engagement

Luna regrets her engagement-Agnes Gomori.jpg

Darkness ended when they met

Agnes Gomori-Darkness ended when they met

The séance is interrupted

The séance is interrupted-Agnes Gomori.jpg

Networking Ghosts

Networking Ghosts-Agnes Gomori

The Magician has arrived

The Magician has arrived-Agnes Gomori
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