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The Tribal Advisor

Some time ago, I started making past live themed self-portraits. I’m fascinated by what shapes us in this life, especially how we end up with our seemingly inexplicable traits.

Although we inherited many of our qualities from our ancestors, there are also some that we have picked up from our previous lives.

Some of the signs that our past lives are showing up in our current life may be if, in our childhood, we express specialist interests or showcase advanced talents. Another sign can be when we are dreading certain things for seemingly no reason.

I believe that many of our deep-rooted fears and talents come not only from our ancestors, but also from our previous lives. It is our responsibility in this life to challenge our fears, and to use our talents to our best ability.


These past life self-portraits are part of my 'Healing with Art' collection.

Agnes Gomori-The Tribal Advisor

The Pageboy

Agnes Gomori-Pageboy-Past life Self-portrait

The Peacemaker

The Peacekeeper-Agnes Gomori

The Freedom Fighter

Freedom fighter past life self-portrait-Art Gomori

The Merchant's Wife

Merchant's Wife-Agnes Gomori
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