Agnes Gomori is a Hungarian-British multimedia artist based in London, UK. As a channel for the higher realm, her spiritual art is inspired by her deep connection with the divine source. 

Agnes is a multidisciplinary artist, who expresses herself through painting, drawing, photography, digital art, singing, writing music and poetry.

Agnes is also the founder of Mindset Salon, (​) a healing and intuitive coaching practice, where she combines art and nature based healing techniques to help her clients reach their full potential.

Agnes Gomori - Art Gomori.JPG

Recent exhibitions:

Diversia Exhibition, UN Calendar July 2022, Toronto, Canada

‘Unrequited’ virtual exhibition, The Spongleheim Gallery, London, UK

Dream Living virtual exhibition, Culturally Arts Collective, Washington DC and Texas USA

Beyond the Veil virtual exhibition Culturally Arts Collective, Washington DC and Texas USA

Stop the war virtual exhibition, Art.9 Gallery, Hong Kong

Art fusion virtual exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

Ethereal virtual exhibition, Culture Capital House, Madrid, Spain