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Agnes Gomori is a British-Hungarian multimedia artist based in London, UK.


She's a channel for the higher realms, and her deep connection with the divine source, nature, and her ancestors inspires her visionary, intuitive art.

Agnes is a multidisciplinary artist whose art portfolio incorporates handmade digital drawings, paintings, photography, singing, writing music, short stories, and poetry.

Agnes Gomori Art.png

Recent exhibitions:

FLUX Review, Winter Exhibition 2022/23, virtual group exhibition, London, UK

Polysemy exhibition, Culturally Arts Collective Annual Gala 2022, Washington DC, USA

Diversia exhibition, UN Calendar July 2022, Toronto, Canada

‘Unrequited’ virtual exhibition, The Spongleheim Gallery, London, UK

Dream Living virtual exhibition, Culturally Arts Collective, Washington DC and Texas USA

Beyond the Veil virtual exhibition Culturally Arts Collective, Washington DC and Texas USA

Stop the war virtual exhibition, Art.9 Gallery, Hong Kong

Art fusion virtual exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

Ethereal virtual exhibition, Culture Capital House, Madrid, Spain



Flux Review Magazine, read it here

Culturally Arts Collective, read it here

Speaking engagement

Speaker at the Annual Gala 2022, Culturally Arts Collective, Washington DC, USA

Proud member of 

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