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Artist Bio

Artist Bio:

Agnes Gomori is a British-Hungarian intuitive, visionary artist based in London, UK. Gomori started drawing and painting at a young age.


The so-called 'unseen world' always mesmerized her, as she could feel, hear, and see it through her sixth sense. From childhood, her desire was to capture the ethereal world that were invisible to most and translate them into visual stories for others to experience.

As a natural born healer, and a channel for the higher realms, she incorporates 'Healing with Art' into her practice. Her visual storytelling is fuelled by the universal energy, guiding her hand as she brings her artwork to life with powerful imagery.

Her inspirations are the strength of her ancestors, the power of unity, the respect of Mother Nature, and the contagiousness of laughter.

During the pandemic, she made a transition into digital art, channelling her creativity into handmade digital paintings. She now regards it as her main medium, as it provides her with the freedom to work more intuitively and spontaneously.

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Artist Statment

Artist statement

I’m a multidisciplinary artist, who’s a big believer in the combined healing power of art, nature and laughter.

In the last few years, handmade digital painting and drawing have become my main channel for artistic self-expression. I often take nature-based photos during my daily walks, and use it as my inspiration to create a visual story of the otherwise, physically unseen world.

My work reflects my deep connection with my heritage, nature, and the divine source. Before I start my creative work, I channel the higher realms, and allow the theme of my artworks to emerge intuitively. In that sense, I consider my art as messages from the Universe.

As a highly intuitive empath, I learnt to harmoniously intertwine art and healing in my life. For each commission, I offer the ‘healing with art’ experience, whereby I channel healing energy into the artwork.

Humour plays a big part in my life and creative work. Even if an artwork has a more serious theme, I insert magical elements, such as imaginary creatures, to ease its heaviness. They are a reminder that when we believe in magic; we open the doors to possibilities around us.


Recent exhibitions:

10th Anniversary FLUX Exhibition, physical group exhibition, Piccadilly, London, UK


The Other Art Fair, physical group exhibition, London, UK


Vilomah 2: Hidden Loss & Untold Futures, physical group exhibition, Royal Free Hospital, London, UK

MHFGA 75th Anniversary Celebration, physical group exhibition, London, UK


Vilomah: Hidden Loss & Untold Futures, physical group exhibition, London, UK


FLUX Review, Winter Exhibition 2022/23, virtual group exhibition, London, UK

Polysemy exhibition, Culturally Arts Collective Annual Gala 2022, Washington DC, USA

Diversia virtual exhibition, UN Calendar July 2022, Toronto, Canada

‘Unrequited’ virtual exhibition, The Spongleheim Gallery, London, UK

Dream Living virtual exhibition, Culturally Arts Collective, Washington DC and Texas USA

Beyond the Veil virtual exhibition Culturally Arts Collective, Washington DC and Texas USA

Stop the war virtual exhibition, Art.9 Gallery, Hong Kong

Art fusion virtual exhibition, The Holy Art Gallery, London, UK

Ethereal virtual exhibition, Culture Capital House, Madrid, Spain




Modern Renaissance: Spring 2023 Issue

Modern Renaissance Magazine Spring 2023-Agnes Gomori
Modern Renaissance Spring 2023-Agnes Gomori

The FLUX Review, Edition 9

FLUX Review Magazine - Agnes Gomori
The FLUX Review Edition 9
FLUX Review Magazine - Agnes Gomori II.
FLUX Review Magazine - Agnes Gomori III.



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Speaking engagement

Speaker at the Annual Gala 2022, Culturally Arts Collective, Washington DC, USA

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